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Types of Winter Truffles

There are two main types of winter truffles -- the black and white truffles. Compared to the white ones, black winter truffles, which are mostly produced in France, Italy, and Spain, are more popular. Black truffles don't really appear as black in color, as their skins have brown tinges. These black mushrooms also have visible small, white roots inside them. 

European black winter truffles
all have the same quality and no country produces a much more superior kind of truffle. For truffle-producing European countries, the difference lies not in the quality but in the volume of truffle production each season. Truffle harvests also depend on climate changes so it's hard to predict which country would produce the largest number of truffles every season. 

There are different kinds of black winter truffles but the Tuber Melanosporum is the preferred choice of winter truffles by professional chefs and regular truffle consumers alike. Another type of black truffle called the Tuber Sinensis is a Chinese variety of black winter truffles. Although Tuber Sinensis looks exactly like the European Tuber Melanosporum, the Chinese mushroom is deemed inferior in terms of texture and taste.

The other type of winter truffles, the white truffles, are commonly found in regions of Croatia and Italy. The most expensive white truffle in the world, in fact, can be found in Alba, Italy. White truffles have stronger acrid flavors and scents than black truffles. In addition, white truffles usually have fine skins and appear to have a dirty yellow color, not white as expected. While some truffle experts say that white truffles taste better than black truffles, the scent of white truffles, while stronger, don't last long and usually fades faster than that of black truffles. Because of this, white truffles have traditionally been served raw, either as a garnishing or side dish which causes the main dish to absorb the scent of the mushrooms. 

types of truffles
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