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Preserved and Fresh Truffles

During the winter season, a person can choose to buy either preserved or fresh truffles. Preserved truffles are usually packed in tightly sealed jars and are usually the more affordable choice by regular consumers. Preserved truffles are more practical than fresh truffles as they have longer shelf lives. A person can keep a can of preserved winter truffles in a storage or cabinet for up to two years as long as it is stored at normal room temperature. Although, once a container of preserved truffles is opened and used, it must be kept inside the refrigerator and should be consumed within two weeks after opening it. 

As for fresh winter truffles, regular consumers don't often purchase them since they are extremely expensive. To get a taste of fresh truffles, regular consumers usually eat out in high class hotels and restaurants which usually purchase and serve only fresh truffles. However, if a regular consumer wants to indulge and really spend on the fresh variety of truffles, he or she must remember that these mushrooms are highly perishable.

Ideally, fresh truffles should be consumed on the day, or at the most, three days after the goods were delivered or purchased. In purchasing fresh truffles, the consumer should take care to check the quality of the goods so they could get their money's worth for these expensive mushrooms. In checking the quality of the mushrooms, a person should feel the truffles' texture before buying them. A soft surface usually indicates an overripe truffle way below the quality mark, while a firm and smooth skin usually means a truly fresh winter truffle in good condition.

fresh truffles
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